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Damn_Report: Open Drift Championship Rd.3

Posted by B-San on June 25, 2010 at 11:36 AM

So here it is... Another "damn_report" on the site. We already teased you a bit earlier this week with a shot from Wanders with maybe his last run in his beloved Falken RBS14a. Our member Yorick went to the third round of the Open Drift Championship in Gemert and was kind enough to send us his best shots so we could share them with you!

Yup, Lennart his S-body is by far the best looking car in the Dutch drift-scene eventough some Remmo-fanboys tell otherwise...

While in Japland the most populair driftcar for rookies are the S13's...

... in Euroland rusty Ovlov's are gaining allot of interest!

You might not notice it scrollin' down this post but the driftscene in mainland europe is dominated with beemers. Lucky for you, we skipped them out! LOL

This is how you do it...!

"Abunai! Abunai! Abunai!"... where is Manabu Suzuki when you need him!

No SR20 for Wanders anymore...

Thanks Yorick for another great damn_report! Next report planned would be Japan Classic Sunday where multiple of our members, including myself, are heading to. Got a nice report to post? Send us an message or post it yourself!

- Out!



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