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My Ultimate Juke

Posted by B-San on June 20, 2010 at 5:30 PM

Straight from the start I've been a big fan of the Nissan Juke. Right now its for sale in Japan already and breaking all records. Nissan Japan expected to sell 1.000 pieces at first but at this very moment 5.000 Juke's have been ordered. I love the total new, fresh and above all Japanese look. In black it even more badass. So I've always been wondering what it would look like slammed with yellow headlights and some nice bright green Volk TE27's. Unfortunatly I'm not such a pro with photoshop so I asked Bram to do his magic. And see here... the best looking Juke in my opinion. Inmagine this beast with the 180HP strong 1.6l Turbo 4WD Nissan is going to put into the top-range model. Someone... somewhere... DO IT!

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