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ARTICLE: Forgotten JDM - The Mazda T2000

Posted by TheBrabo on May 26, 2009 at 11:21 AM


Not a spot this time but a article about a forgot JDM legend! Is it a trike? Is it a bike? A car? A truck? No! Its a Mazda T2000! The T2000 was an evolution in the world of delivery verhicles in Japan. Before this time most delivery verhicles we're trikes like we still know them as motorbikes today. But the T2000 combined the Trike with a deliverytruck so the driver could sit in a warm, nice and safe cabin. Tough it was done before like the 'Mistubishi Leo' the T2000 was on a much bigger scale so it could carry much more stuff. But still, why only one wheel at the front?! This was mainly done due reducing the turn-radius so it could manouvre trough the small streets of Tokyo in de 1950's.



Believe it or not but the largerst T2000 could be longer than 6 meter!



Here you can clearly see the scale of the car with a smaller trike-car delivery van in the back. Appears to be a Mazda K360 witch is allot simulair to the Mitsubishi Leo mentioned before.



And here you have the largest version. More than 6 giant meters of cargo space!



And its pretty tall to...



This thing is just pure awsomeness! Look at it standing beside a (also not very small) Crown!



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